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Overwatch 2 Is Finally Nerfing Sombra's Teleport And Invisibility




Blizzard is finally working on changes to Sombra, as her Overwatch 2 buffs continue to divide fans. This comes from lead hero designer Alec Dawson, who reveals that the team is hoping to "alleviate some of the frustration" that comes with playing against her, particularly with her stealth and teleporting abilities.

While Dawson says that the devs are eager to ensure Sombra is still "fun to play", his wording definitely suggests that her stealth abilities and mobility will be on the chopping block. This could involve reverting to some of her original Overwatch mechanics, which put a time limit on her invisibility.

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Speaking with streamer Bro You Wack, Dawson says that the team is looking to address Sombra's permanent stealth, and the fact that she can "get away very easily." He even says that the team has debated which one of these has to go, implying we could see an entire ability get reworked or removed altogether.

Sombra mains shouldn't worry too much, however. Dawson stresses that they are being kept in mind too.

"Going into it, what we're looking at is not just nerfing her, not just making her less fun to play," says Dawson. "We still want players to enjoy her. Maybe there's something new for her when she comes out." This hints that she could get a new move altogether, making up for whichever stealth ability Blizzard decides to scrap.

In her current state, Sombra is free to go invisible indefinitely, as long as she doesn't use her gun. Otherwise, she can get behind enemy lines and hack opponents as much as she pleases, leaving them much more vulnerable to attacks, and unable to use abilities for a few seconds. Even if she pops out of stealth to land a few attacks of her own, most Sombra players would already have a strategically-placed teleporter ready to go, saving them from harm's way. And as many players know, there's nothing more frustrating than having a Sombra disappear the second she gets to 1hp. Hopefully, these changes - whatever they are - will improve match quality all around.

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