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Overwatch 2 Bugs Are Stopping Players From Receiving Event Reward




Overwatch 2 players are reporting issues with the current seasonal event, with new challenges failing to award them the prizes they've earned. This has been found to happen across multiple different challenges, and it's even affecting the loot that's meant to be rewarded for playing the browser-based dating sim, Loverwatch.

These bugs are now on Blizzard's list of known issues, so a patch should be on the way. But in the meantime, you might want to hold off on grinding away at these challenges, as it's not clear if those who have met the requirements for the seasonal prizes will actually get them once the next patch rolls out.

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On the current issues page of the Overwatch forums, Blizzard lists the bugs that it is actively working to fix. Many of them revolve around seasonal valentine's day prizes, such as Kiriko's heart emote and the Loverwatch prizes, not being given to players.

There's also an issue with the “Role Mastery” challenge, which isn't tracking progress correctly. I noticed this one myself last night, as it wasn't correctly recognising what role I was winning Games with.

Doomfist from Overwatch in a One Punch Man cosplay

On top of this, Numbani's return is still causing problems. It's been restored in quick play and comPetitive, but the map has been removed from custom Games temporarily. It seems that it wasn't quite Overwatch 2 ready.

Of course, as usual, there's an issue exclusive to console players chucked in there too. Once again, career profiles aren't updating correctly, so don't worry if you feel like your stats are off, it isn't your imagination.

The season has just started, so once these issues are addressed, it should leave us with plenty of time to scoop up these rewards. But it's still an annoyance many of us could do without, especially when other areas of the Game aren't exactly going smoothly either. As we reported this morning, unranked players are being swapped over into enemy teams midmatch - and this bug isn't even mentioned in the blog post.

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