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Overwatch 2 Bug Turns Everyone Bald And Fans Love It




Months on, Overwatch 2 is still a Game that's suffering from bugs. Some are real problems, like the bug that prevented people from receiving their rewards during the Valentine's Day event. Others are a little weirder, like the bug that changed everyone's names randomly.

Other glitches, however, are bugs just waiting to be turned into features. That's the overall impression I get from Reddit user badbean666's post that showcases a whole bunch of bald Overwatch characters.

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"Bald heroes bug, please help!" badbean666 wrote in their initial post, but nobody offered any assistance. Instead, one user replied: "I don't see what you want to fix. The Game is perfect now." Another user had the same reaction, writing: "This is so fucking funny why would you ever want to fix this." A third user even suggested Overwatch change its name to "baldywatch."

Mercy Overwatch 2 Bald
via badbean666 on Reddit

The bug goes beyond merely removing a character's hair. In a subsequent post, badbean666 showed that not only was everyone bald, but some of them also lost their facial hair. Reinhardt and Torbjorn lost their majestic beards, while Kiriko and Brigitte lost their eyebrows. Widowmaker lost her iconic braid, and Tracer lost half her head. You can even see into her skull from the back.

This glitch seems to have existed in Overwatch 2 since launch, but they usually just removed the character's hair and at least kept the eyebrows. There's no word on whether Blizzard is aware of this bug's resurgence, but given the reaction from players, it'll probably be pretty low on their list of bugs still left to squash.

Something that Blizzard might want to focus a few more resources on is Orisa's golden spear, which apparently looks exactly the same as her regular weapon. Overwatch characters are awarded golden versions of their guns for reaching 3,000 comPetitive points, but there's basically no reason to grind out Orisa since there's no bling waiting for her at the top of that comPetitive mountain.

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