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Outfits From Taylor Swift’s New Video That Will Blow Your Mind




You already know that Taylor Swift released her Blank Space music video this morning. The video revolves around the singer’s insane romance with a super-Sєxy looking man (ovaries are exploding!) and I have to say, although the songstress looks a bit cray-cray in the video, I am in love with every single outfit. I have never seen crazy look this good before! Taylor Swift is stunning in one look after another, and I’ve put together all her best outfits, just for you!

Make sure you pay attention because what may seem like a sultry lingerie set, is actually a fancy, lace LBD. Do I think Swift looks good? Nay, she looks amazing! Who said only Victoria’s Secret has Angels? I’ve found msyelf a devil (with a cat!).

Set in a beautiful mansion, Taylor walks down the stairs in a magnificent black lace gown. She totally reminds me of Cinderella gone wild, in a sinful way of course.

And she didn’t restrict her outfits to black. She shined in a disco-inspired ball gown from the 70’s, whilst dancing with her man. Well, I don’t know about you, but I definitely need to put on some sunglᴀsses!

Just when you think her outfits couldn’t get any better, Taylor kills us, looking super Sєxy in a black, draped dress with sheer panels. Seriously, who walks the dogs looking like that? Don’t miss her man’s tailored suit and cape. So chic! I drooled.

A minute into the video and you’ll see Taylor riding a horse (no fairytale is complete without horses), dressed in a tailored pantsuit, riding boots and vintage sunglᴀsses. Coco Chanel would totally approve!

My favorite part of the fairytale look has to be Taylor’s floral gown. Total outfit crush, baby!

Another dangerously elegant outfit seemed like it was borrowed from Dior’s revolutionary New Look, a legend from the 1940’s. See what I mean?

Swift looked super adorbs in a 1950’s bathing suit, even though she seemed to be wrecking her man’s cell phone. Matchy-matchy has never looked so good before!

Taylor showed off her gorgeous summer glow in a cutesy, peach coloured matching set, destroying a pretty expensive Sports car with a golf club. Of course, she looks flawless as ever while destroying the vehicle. I consider this a piece of art.