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Outer Worlds Special Edition Review Bombed On Steam Over Performance Issues




Private Division, the publisher of The Outer Worlds, announced a current-gen update of the Game in February that would bring enhanced graphics, increase the level cap, and also combine both DLC into a single package. They called it the Spacer’s Choice Edition, and we all assumed it’d be a free update to existing owners.

It wasn’t. If you owned a digital version of the base Game as well as both DLC, you could get Spacer’s Choice Edition at a discount, but otherwise, you had to pay full price. And it wasn’t really an upgrade as Spacer’s Choice Edition wasn’t compatible with the original Game’s save files, meaning you had to restart the Game if you wanted to play it. Naturally, this angered quite a few fans who accused Private Division of announcing a massive cash grab. And things haven’t gotten any better since the new Game’s release yesterday.


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In fact, they’ve only gotten worse. Spacer’s Choice Edition is currently sitting at just 20 percent positive reviews on Steam with many complaining of poor performance even with gaming rigs that far exceed the recommended system specs.

Outer Worlds Spacer's Choice Edition Review Bomb Steam 2
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"It runs far worse than the original version of the Game," wrote Tyler McVicker, formerly of the Valve News Network. "The 'improved' look of the Game is not worth massive perf drops and stutters that weren't there before. Aside from a higher level cap, this isn't worth anyone's time."

Spacer's Choice Edition recommends an RTX 1080 Ti or a Radeon RX 2700 XT, but even with far more modern hardware, players are complaining of abysmal frame rates at resolutions that were acceptable almost a decade ago. "3080 can't maintain a bare 60 fps at 1080p Ultra," wrote one reviewer. "3080 Ti... 35fps... what a joke," another reviewer said. "So much for better performance... these companies get away with straight lies with no consequence."

Many of these reviews are ending with "product refunded," which shows you just how little these players think of Spacer's Choice Edition. The recommendation from many is to avoid this supposed "upgrade" and instead just play the original title with its DLC. If you want a graphical upgrade, there are several mods available for free.

And if you thought that things would be better on console, one benchmark on PS5 noted how Spacer’s Choice Edition struggled to maintain 60 fps in performance mode and even dropped below 30 fps in quality mode.

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