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Only Two Percent Of Elden Ring Deaths Are Caused By Other Players




Bandai Namco is finally celebrating Elden Ring's first anniversary almost a month after it passed. Okay, the reveal of its DLC was sort of a way to mark that occasion, but now its creators have put together a Spotify Wrapped-style list of stats breaking down what you've all been doing in The Lands Between for the past 12 months, and it turns out you haven't been killing each other as much as you might think.

On Bandai Namco's stats page is a pie chart revealing just how everyone has been dying during year one, showing players have died a staggering nine billion times in Elden Ring. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of those deaths have come at the hands, swords, and spells of enemies and NPCs. In a distant second is status effects, and then falling to your death right behind it, you clumsy lot.


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With just two percent of the pie (which is still 180 million deaths to be fair) are deaths at the hands of another player. That presumably includes those of you who have been subject to an invasion and been worse off for it, anyone who has been successfully fought off when they're the invader, and also the fights to the death that have gone down inside Elden Ring's Colosseum. The PvP mode was introduced via an update last year to bridge the gap between launch and DLC.

pie chart breaking down causes of death in elden ring
via Bandai Namco

There are so many threats strewn across The Lands Between, it's perhaps no wonder players killing each other accounts for so little of Elden Ring's total deaths. When you've got Malenia, Godrick, and the hardest enemy of all, a crystal crab, to worry about, it's almost always better to work together or mind your own Business as opposed to turning on one another.

Especially considering The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will likely introduce even more formidable enemies, possibly headed up by Miquella who many of you think is the Mysterious character riding a horse in the teaser image. It may also include Melina. Some are convinced she isn't dead and if correct, that almost certainly means she will be an enemy in the DLC.

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