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One Of Cyberpunk 2077's Most Popular Mods Lets You Sit Anywhere




Cyberpunk 2077 is going to have a big year in 2023. Something that feels strange to say considering more than two years have passed since what might well be the rockiest launch in gaming History. Despite the seemingly massive DLC that's coming soon, the residents of Night City will still need to rely on this nifty new mod if they want to sit wherever they like.

You'd think a futuristic Game the size of Cyberpunk that imagines how the world will look 50 years from now would let you sit on all of its seats so you can take it all in, but no. There are very few opportunities to actually sit down, have a virtual rest, and look around in Night City, and no DLC is going to fix that.

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Thankfully, just like so many other things in Cyberpunk, there's now a mod for that. Mods don't always need to improve visuals or add Thomas the Tank. Sometimes they can add an overlooked feature as simple as sitting down. KeanuWheeze's Sit Anywhere mod does that and you can download it now through Nexus Mods.

cyberpunk sit anywhere mod
via CDPR/Nexus Mods

The description of what the Sit Anywhere mod does is as simple as you'd expect. It lets you sit almost anywhere you like, as long as it's somewhere that has been designed for sitting. Couches, benches, and chairs are all fair Game. The only seats the mod won't affect are barstools. There's even an accompanying mod created by Nexus Mod Police which adds an immersive FPP camera that will let you look down and around without clipping through your own body parts.

Cyberpunk's Phantom Liberty DLC doesn't have a release date, but it will be here in 2023, probably sooner rather than later. The additional content will introduce a new character to Night City played by Idris Elba. Not much else about what the DLC will introduce to the Game has been revealed, but fans have been busy sharing their wishlists, and there's evidence suggesting it may well unlock a new ending to the Game's main story.

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