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Official Mario Bath Bomb Makes It Look Like You Peed In The Tub




Super Mario just got a Lush collaboration! Don't those question mark block bath bombs look fun? Oh, you want to see them in action? Uhhh. Hey, have you seen this Luigi shower gel?

Yes, in case you were wondering, there's a good reason you haven't seen many pictures of the Mario bath bomb actually being used as a bath bomb. As early purchasers have quickly realised, the new product turns your bath into a pool of piss. Mamma mia.

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Thankfully, fans who have picked up the Lush goodies aren't holding back and hiding the goods from us. Now, we can see the question mark block product in all its glory, and it definitely makes it look like you had a little accident in the tub.

It's a shame really because the block itself looks great. It's easily one of the biggest bath bombs Lush carries, and it's a perfect recreation of the object from the Games. Hey, maybe the smell makes up for the colour, at least?

If this shade of dehydrated wee doesn't help you relax when you're having a soak, there are plenty of other products to choose from. There are soaps and shower gels based on characters like Mario, Luigi, and Peach, as well as a huge coin that smells like caramel. That's a bit less embarrassing.

Some of the promotional images manage to get the yellow looking a little brighter too, making it less piss-adjacent. Lathering up some bubbles too seems to help with the illusion too, which is a bit nicer than laying in a tub of strange yellow liquid for half an hour or so.

In any case, this is all in aid of promoting the Mario movie, which will be with us on April 5. And fair enough, the bath bomb was certainly eye-catching, so it got the job done.

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