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Obsidian Apologizes For Performance Issues In The Outer Worlds' Current-Gen Update




The Outer Worlds got a current-gen update called Spacer's Choice Edition earlier this week and it hasn't exactly been celebrated by fans. In fact, most of them have called it a technical mess and a cash grab.

For starters, it's less of a current-gen update and more a new version of the Game, what with old save files being incompatible and it being sold separately (although you do get a discount if you own the original and its DLC). Secondly, the Spacer's Choice Edition is performing poorly on PC with players reporting bad framerate and stuttering animations even on high-end gaming rigs. Given this mounting backlash, Obsidian penned an apology.


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"I am sorry that you all have been experiencing performance issues with The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition," an Obsidian rep wrote on the Game's subreddit. "I understand how frustrating this can be, and I assure you the team at Private Division is working on getting a patch out as soon as possible. When we have more information about that patch we'll be sure to let folks know."

It sounds like Private Division may have been leading the charge on Spacer’s Choice Edition, which would explain why all bug reports need to be directed to the support page here.

Right now, plenty of players are recommending you stay away from Spacer's Choice Edition and just stick with the original Game if you want to play The Outer Worlds. At least until Private Division roll out the patch promised in its apology, though any progress you make in the base Game while you wait won't carry over.

While Private Division is focused on The Outer Worlds' current-gen update, Obsidian is busy working on Avowed, which is said to be Xbox's "next big thing" after Starfield, which just got a new release date - September 6. Avowed is moving back into the realm of fantasy, expanding on Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity series, albeit as a first-person RPG more akin to Skyrim.

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