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Oblivion Fan Mods In Touching Memorial To Their Late Mother




We've covered so many mods from Elder Scrolls Games over the years, but none have been more heartwarming than this. Over on Nexus Mods, one Oblivion fan has shared a tribute to their late mother, setting up a shrine in the RPG she introduced them to.

"In memory of my Mom" is a small mod, downloadable to all who play Oblivion on PC. It adds a shrine right near the end of the tutorial, a nod to the fact that the creator's mother often restarted her playthroughs, spending a lot of time in this area.

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"My mom Teneele passed away in January," says Nexus Mods user, VIIVII. "She was only 46 and in that time I have been trying to cope with the fact she is gone.

"Nothing fancy I added a priory altar of the nine and a note. The altar operates like a normal altar and the note just says she can live on in every adventure I take in Tamriel."

Tower In Cyrodiil Oblivion

The comment section is full of other players offering their support and condolences to VIIVII. The mod has also been downloaded more than 50 times in less than 24 hours, with many others paying their respects to the Nexus users' mother.

Closing off the mod description, VIIVII has an important message for fellow Oblivion fans. "Biggest thing I can tell you is call your parents and tell them you love them," they say. "You never know how much time you have with them."

Tying in with that, we'll also use this opportunity to remind you that in many parts of the world, today is mother's day. So if you haven't already, definitely follow VIIVII's advice and give your folks a call.

It's not surprising to see such a warm reaction to the memorial piece. As we've covered before, the Elder Scrolls modding community can be a lovely bunch. Last year, one of their own needed life-saving surgery, so the faNBAse fundraised $18,930 for his recovery.

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