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Notcoin Up Over 25% and Surpasses Solana 24-Hour Volume as New Gaming Token PlayDoge Raises $1.7M




Meme coins have been having a field day recently.

Notcoin (NOT) is leading the charge, climbing over 25% in the past 24 hours and outperforming Solana’s trading volume.

But while Notcoin is stealing the spotlight, new meme coin PlayDoge (PLAY) is also turning heads – and has raised an impressive $1.7 million in the first week of its presale.

Notcoin Dominates Crypto Hype Cycle with Enormous Trading Volumes

Notcoin remains one of the most talked-about cryptos on the market.

This cheeky token has climbed to $0.025, with spot trading volumes blowing past $2.1 billion in the last day.

That’s almost $200 million more than Solana during that same span.

The hype machine has been working overtime for Notcoin.

Much of this hype is due to the token’s integration with Telegram, giving it access to the messaging platform’s massive user base.

But the real hook has been the Play-to-Earn (P2E) game and tasks that let Telegram users earn actual crypto just for getting involved.

Toss in a successful airdrop that distributed NOT tokens to over a million users, and it’s clear why Notcoin is among CoinMarketCap’s trending cryptos.

The charts don’t lie either – NOT is up 180% in the past week and even hit a new all-time high on Sunday.

While some believe that Notcoin’s bull run is just a flash in the pan, others see it as a sign that simple (yet innovative) projects can still thrive in the meme coin market.

NOT Maintains Its Momentum Despite Regulatory Uncertainty

Notcoin’s crazy run has come in the middle of some major crypto chaos.

President Biden recently vetoed a bill that would’ve overturned the SEC’s crypto accounting rules known as SAB 121.

These rules basically force banks to treat customer-held crypto as a liability on their books instead of an asset.

In Biden’s view, getting rid of SAB 121 would remove important guardrails protecting consumers from crypto’s risks.

However, the crypto community has criticized the veto heavily.

They argue the SEC’s rules stifle innovation by making it a legal nightmare for banks to offer crypto custody services.

This whole debacle has led to enormous uncertainty just as the mania around meme coins like Notcoin was heating up.

With Congress unlikely to overturn the veto, the SEC’s controversial rules are sticking around for now.

Yet despite the regulatory turmoil, Notcoin is continuing to soar – proving that NOT investors are unfazed by the volatile market conditions.

Next Gaming Token to Explode? Nostalgic P2E Game PlayDoge Captivates Investors & Raises $1.7M in Presale

While Notcoin’s rise has left investors buzzing, another meme-style project is also drawing attention.

PlayDoge, offering a new take on P2E gaming, has raked in over $1.7 million in its presale so far, even though the project was only announced one week ago.

The nostalgia factor is undeniable – PlayDoge reimagines the ‘90s virtual Pet craze with a crypto twist.

Instead of a Tamagotchi, players nurture an 8-bit “Doge” through feedings and mini-Games.

By doing this, players will earn rewards in the form of PLAY tokens.

These PLAY tokens can then be staked to earn yields of 181% per year.

For PlayDoge to be generating so much early presale traction could mean a serious apPetite for its hybrid P2E/staking model.

And this appetite is further evidenced by the praise from crypto influencers.

Crypto Mischief, a popular YouTuber, discussed whether PlayDoge is the “next big crypto Game” in a video released last week.

Fellow YouTuber Matthew Perry even invested $500 in the PLAY token presale.

With the presale still ongoing and the Game’s official launch yet to come, the excitement around PlayDoge looks likely to keep building.

Visit PlayDoge Presale

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