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Nintendo Is Helping Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players Recover Their Lost Saves




Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players were given good news last month as a two-part paid DLC expansion was announced. That cause for celebration was short-lived, however, as some players reported their save files becoming corrupted. Nintendo now appears to have discovered a fix and has started contacting affected players to help them recover their saves.

Highlighted by Serebii's Joe Merrick, all of the affected players to have been contacted by Nintendo so far appear to be based in Japan. Perhaps since Nintendo's Japanese base is the only studio tackling the problem at present. However, it's likely only a matter of time until Nintendo's American and European branches also start reaching out.


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It may take a while to fix the problem, although if you've lost hundreds of hours of progress, it'll be worth the wait. A tweet from a Pokemon trainer in Japan claims it took four weeks from the problem occurring to Nintendo getting in touch and recovering their save.

Even though Nintendo appears to have figured out what the problem is, regular players remain none the wiser. All the community has been able to deduce is that the bug was introduced by the update that came shortly after the DLC announcement. Some believe it's caused by linking your Game to Pokemon Go, while others seem to think pre-ordering the DLC is the root cause.

Whatever it is, there now appears to be a fix for it. Just make sure you let Nintendo know you need your save recovered if you are one of the unlucky few to have lost it. Some players have even refused to play Scarlet & Violet in the meantime, fearful that they'll unknowingly do whatever it is that causes the bug to take hold and that the next time they fire up their Switch, they'll be met with the dreaded “save data in the Nintendo Switch couldn't be recognized” message.

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