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Nintendo Has Updated Chris Pratt's Wahoo In The Mario Movie Trailer




The arrival of The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a little more than a month away. Critique of Chris Pratt's casting as the world's most famous plumber will undoubtedly start to circulate again when it arrives, something Nintendo and Illumination appear to be acutely aware of as fans have noticed the actor's wahoo in a new trailer has been updated.

At the end of one of the trailer, Mario and a selection of other iconic characters from the Mushroom Kingdom are shown speeding down Rainbow Road. Mario's kart bounces as he lets out an iconic “wahoo”, one many people criticized when the shot was first shown. In the new ad, that wahoo has been replaced.

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Pratt's Mario voice has been criticized ever since he was cast in the role. Not just because the Guardian of the Galaxy promised it would be unlike anything we had ever heard before the first trailer debuted, but also because actors voicing Mario in other parts of the world have arguably done a better job at bringing the movie version of the character to life.

Comparison clips of Mario speaking in the movie in different languages did the rounds a few months ago with French, German, and of course, Italian versions of the voice being praised over Pratt's. Either the actor was brought back in to re-record some of his lines, or Nintendo and Illumination have dozens of wahoos to choose from and decided to switch the original out for an alternate after hearing the feedback.

The studios seemingly managed to win over a lot of longtime Mario fans who may have been on the fence about the movie last week via its Super Bowl spot. The spot was a mock ad for Mario and Luigi's plumbing company and featured the rap from the Super Mario Super Show. Even better, the number at the end will lead you to a recording from Luigi, and many fans think the woman in the ad was voiced by the actor who played Princess Toadstool in Super Show.

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