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Nintendo Fans Recommend eShop Games Before The Store Closes On Monday




Nintendo is shutting down the eShop on 3DS and Wii U on Monday, without any plans to make its library of games available to the public - even ones that are exclusive to these stores. This means that you only have two more days to pick up a whole host of titles legitimately before they're delisted for good. But with the eShop full of games from all genres, it's hard to decide what to fill your SD card with before the closure.

In aid of this, Nintendo fans eager to preserve the best titles on the eShop are banding together, sharing recommendations ahead of the shutdown. This includes everything from mainstream Mario games to little-known RPGs, highlighting just how many games could be lost on Monday.


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Most of the names being thrown around are purely digital Games, meaning they'll be completely unavailable to buy legitimately as of March 27. This includes Dr. Luigi, Affordable Space Adventures, and Pokemon Rumble U.


by u/RogerTreebert from discussion Recommendations for WiiU eShop Exclusive games? I will Update comment with list.

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Not all the recommendations are full Games too, with DLC for Super Smash Bros. 4, Pikmin 3, Sonic Lost World, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and the original release of Mario Kart 8 also about to be lost.

Some of the games being recommended are big releases that also saw a physical launch - but that doesn't mean getting your hands on a copy will be easy. As we all know, physical Nintendo games never seem to depreciate in value, so for that reason, many are recommending that you pick up the Metroid Prime trilogy, Game & Wario, and the re-release of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.


by u/RedditNoremac from discussion In 7 Days you can no longer download games off the 3DS eshop, what JRPGS will you be downloading beforehand?


Of course, we'll also be waving goodbye to a whole lot of virtual console re-releases that haven't made their way to the Switch yet. This includes Super Mario RPG, Duck Hunt, and my personal favourites, the classic Pokemon Games. This comprises the Games that started it all - Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Although if you're prioritising your purchases, you can likely give Red & Blue a miss, as these have long been expected to receive Switch releases.

In true Nintendo style, it doesn't seem that any of these games are on sale either, making it even harder to stock up on games before they're gone. Thank goodness the entire library was backed up by YouTuber The Completionist the other day - they'll exist in some capacity.

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