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Next Episode Of The Last Of Us Focusses On Left Behind DLC




The Last Of Us returned to HBO on Sunday after a longer wait than usual thanks to the Super Bowl. If you haven't watched episode six, and you haven't played the first Game and its DLC, the following contains a smattering of spoilers. That's because, as the title of the episode implies, the next chapter in the adaptation will focus on Part 1's Left Behind DLC.

As usual, HBO has released a preview for next week's episode showing viewers what to expect. Heavily featured is Riley, a character those who haven't played the Left Behind content won't be familiar with. The DLC takes place before the events of the first Game, and it appears its adaptation will be no different.

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While Joel's life before the show's main story arc was detailed in episode one, very little of what Ellie went through prior to meeting him has been explained. The trailer shows Ellie in FEDRA school and then spending the night in a closed-off mall with her best friend Riley. There's a reason the mall is closed off though, of course, and as the end of the trailer heavily implies, things will eventually take a turn for the worse.

Since Left Behind was originally DLC that launched more than six months after the Game, Ellie's backstory wasn't told until the events of the base Game had unfolded. Understandably the show will be slightly different as the final two episodes will air after Left Behind, presumably ending in the same place as Part 1, paving the way for Part 2's story to be told in a second season of the adaptation.

The show has masterfully retold some of The Last Of Us' most heartbreaking moments so far, but if a particular fan theory about next week's episode is correct, the worst may well be yet to come. Ellie tells Joel she has shot someone before after saving his life in episode four. Although it is never shown in the Game, many have assumed Ellie is forced to kill Riley. Both Ellie and Riley are bitten by infected in Left Behind, the bite that results in Ellie discovering she's immune. Riley is not immune, and while she is confirmed to be dead, her death is never shown.

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