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New Pokemon Anime Has Its Own Pikachu, A Seafaring Captain




Pokemon fans are preparing to say goodbye to Ash as his run in the anime nears its end. Not much has been revealed about the fate of Ash's Pikachu, though. However, new information from The Pokemon Company confirms an entirely new Pikachu will be introduced to the show later this year.

The new Pikachu you'll be introduced to whenever the new series airs in your part of the world will seemingly be pretty different from Ash's version. Known as Captain Pikachu, the one image of the new take on the world's most famous Pokemon revealed so far suggests it has a lot more attitude than any other Pikachu we've been introduced to before.

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It makes sense as you'd certainly need a lot of confidence to ascend to the rank of captain, especially when all you can say is “Pika-chu”. It also means the new Pikachu will be wearing a captain's hat, giving Game Freak and Niantic the perfect opportunity to add another Pikachu variant to their Games after the Pokemon has debuted. Expect to see Captain Pikachu in Pokemon Go and Scarlet & Violet before the end of this year.

Captain Pikachu doesn't Travel the high seas alone. The new Pokemon will bring a new character along with him. A professor called Friede who will apparently aid new protagonists Liko and Roy on their Pokemon journey. Friede and Captain Pikachu continue to expand the cast of the anime which will effectively have an all-new beginning when Ash leaves and these new characters begin their own series on April 14.

That April 14 air date only applies to Japan. Liko, Roy, Friede, and Captain Pikachu's debuts elsewhere haven't been announced. That's because Ash's final run of episodes still hasn't aired in the west. The next batch of episodes following Ash and Pikachu on what will be their final Pokemon journey has been added to Netflix in the US today. In Japan, an episode reuniting Ash with his Lapras from the original series airs today.

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