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New Mario Movie Trailer Includes A Game & Watch Easter Egg




The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now only a little more than a week away from hitting cinemas the world over. As if there wasn't already enough hype surrounding what will likely be a very successful film, Nintendo has been dropping some fresh TV spots for the movie over the course of the past week, and eagle-eyed fans have spotted a Game & Watch easter egg hiding in one of them.

There are three new TV spots in total, one of which shows Mario running and jumping through what appears to be a roadside construction site. The moment itself is a blink-and-you-'ll-miss-it situation, which makes the Mr. Game & Watch sighting all the more impressive. Highlighted by AndreSegers, the classic Nintendo character can be seen on the scene's yellow sign.


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If you were in any doubt, Andre has gone ahead and magnified the sign in the tweet below. Unmistakably Mr. Game & Watch, and further evidence that there will likely be more surprises in the movie than any of us will be able to spot in a single viewing. Also further evidence that the movie's cool little details won't just pull from the Mushroom Kingdom, but from the wider Nintendo universe.

While not necessarily easter eggs, the new TV spots also include Donkey Kong making fun of Mario's “raccoon suit” when he becomes Tanooki Mario, presumably for the first time, and Luigi coming to the realization that Dry Bones don't stay down even after you've dismantled them. Plus, another look at Fire Flower Donkey Kong in case you missed it in previous previews.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is shaping up to be pretty special and a project that will likely succeed in appealing to as many demographics as possible. Getting Illumination on board was a surefire way to make it a polished project that will appeal to kids, while the various easter eggs and hat tips, particularly to pretty much every Mario Game to ever exist by the looks of it, will definitely please older fans. The only bad news so far is it already appears to have been confirmed that Princess Daisy will not be showing up.

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