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New Amnesia Has One Gun, But It Just Annoys The Monster




When Amnesia: The Bunker was first revealed at the end of last year, fans were surprised to see the protagonist wielding a gun. Amnesia famously kept its players on edge by withholding any meaningful means of defense, and having a gun just seemed like an easy way out.

Well, we have good news or bad news, depending on how you approach survival horror Games like Amnesia. According to a recent preview, Henri's revolver won't do much to damage the terrifying monster that's pursuing him through the bunker. At best, it'll stun the monster briefly, and at worst, it'll just piss it off.

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This all comes courtesy of a one-hour preview from PC Gamer. The revolver is described as less of a weapon and more like a "tool" of last resort. Shooting the monster does indeed keep it from consuming Henri, but it also makes it more aggressive in subsequent encounters. On top of that, ammo is scarce and reloading takes forever (this is World War 1-era revolver, after all), so there's no guarantee you'll have bullets to spare when the monster catches up with you.

For those unaware, Amnesia: The Bunker has you take the reins of Henri Clement, a French soldier who wakes up in the titular bunker after having been knocked unconscious in the fighting of World War 1. He wakes up to find the whole bunker abandoned and a terrifying unseen--but definitely not unheard--creature stalking him through the tight underground corridors.

Henri can keep the monster at bay by keeping the bunker's lights on by keeping the generator in the administrative office fueled, but as with every Amnesia Game, the best defense is a quick escape.

Unlike previous Games, Amnesia: The Bunker will feature randomized objects, unscripted threats, and more puzzle solving, although sometimes those puzzles can be short-circuited with a well-thrown grenade. The Bunker will take between four and six hours to beat, with the randomized elements intended for multiple playthroughs.

The monster is also unscripted and can appear at any time, although some factors will make it more likely to appear; the lights being out, for starters.

Amnesia: The Bunker arrives on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on May 16.

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