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Need For Speed Unbound Volume 2 To Add New Events, Challenges, And More




Need for Speed Unbound players have been crying out for a bit more depth to the post-Game for a little while now, and developer Criterion has finally delivered with the upcoming Need For Speed Unbound - Volume 2 update. Launching next week on March 21, Need For Speed Unbound will get a whole bunch of new content, ranging from new races to loads of extra cosmetics for your cars and racer.

For starters, Need for Speed Unbound - Volume 2 will introduce new Endurance Races as well as a brand new Rumble Races. In these races, you'll be able to provoke the police into high-speed chases and try to escape alongside your friends, or you can attempt to take them on for extra rewards. It will also also introduce new Hot Laps circuits which pit you against the clock in 30 second races for a chance to earn some rewards.

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Speaking of rewards, this update will add plenty of those too, including different ways to earn them. For example, a series of new Playlist Events will be added to the Game upon the release of this update, each one containing a bunch of new rewards including a Rare Custom Lotus Emira Balmain Edition. We'll also see the release of new driving effects, poses, stickers, and more to give your car and racer a bit more personality.

The update will also add a little DLC pack for those of you out there that still need to mop up the last of those overworld collectibles. Need for Speed Unbound is littered with Street Art, Billboards, and street activities, but it doesn't actually tell you where these items are. With the Keys to the Map DLC, you'll be able to get all the items you're missing to show up on the map, as well as an exclusive “Fury and Zen” clothing pack which includes a jacket, sweatpants, cap, and t-shirt.

All of this new content is completely free apart from the Keys to the Map DLC which you'll be able to nab for just $4.99. Best of all, the update is just the first in a series, so you can expect even more new content to drop in the future. Happy racing!

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