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Need For Speed Fans Call Unbound Volume 2 The "Lamest Update Ever"




Criterion has just unveiled the first post-launch content update for Need for Speed Unbound called Volume 2, and fans are pretty dissatisfied with what they're getting. Players were quick to label Vol.2 "the lamest update ever," arguing it's not worth logging in after all the wait.

Volume 2 brings several new features to Unbound on March 21, including police chases and night racing events in Lakeshore Online mode, new challenges, tracks and playlists, new cosmetics for your characters, and three new cars, as well as traditional 'Keys to the Map' paid DLC. While this may sound exciting at first, fans believe all the goodies are not worth the four-month wait, and Criterion shouldn't brag about this update back in January. Moreover, some of the new features look like they should've been in Unbound at launch, but weren't quite ready to be added to the package. "This isn't a 'content update' but more like 'We finished the Game now!' update," redditor AlexKVideos1 wrote.


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Fans share their frustration all across the NFS subreddit, mocking the "groundbreaking new features" like cops or night events in multiplayer, Mysteriously missing from the retail version. Also, two of three new cars have already been present in the Game. Lotus Emira Balmain Edition is just a custom paint work for the already available car that was originally shown even before the Game release, while Nissan Fairlady ZG 1971 is Waru's car from a single-player mode with a unique body kit. On top of that, you can't get this reward unless you're an EA Play subscriber, which is pretty weird and anti-consumer. The third new car could actually be a completely new addition, described by the devs as an "extra special luxury ride," but we don't know for sure yet. "Want more?" - but you didn't give us anything​​​​," lavender_r pointed out.

So, what players are left with are a couple of new emotes and driving effects, as well as new Hot Lap activities scattered across Lakeshore. Fans were hoping for some serious multiplayer improvements, like lobbies and readjusted economics, as heavy grind ruins the online experience for many right now due to being almost completely separated from the career mode, but it looks like EA won't listen.

All things considered, Volume 2 is unlikely to drag too many players back to Unbound, which struggled to maintain its player base in the course of the past months. Even despite Unbound getting its first major discount mere weeks after launch, more players are actually playing Heat now. At this point, it's unknown whether Vol.2 will be the final update released for the Game, but many fans now suspect it's quite possible.

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