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National Webmistress Day (August 26th)



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We often hear a lot of talk about webmasters, those fantastic men who work really hard developing the internet every day. Without them, the digital world wouldn’t be as incredible as it is. Or would it? You see, not all of those architects of the internet were men. Webmistress Day celebrates these women and the role they play, giving them the equal time and attention they deserve. How many webmistresses do you know?

History of Webmistress Day

Alright, just in case you missed the point, let’s talk about what a webmistress is. They are women who develop and maintain websites, as well as developing and marketing them to the digital marketplace. The origin of the term webmistress, on one hand, is simply an extension of webmaster, but Kat Valentine made it official when she purchased and started working under that title. Thousands of women all over the world are now working under the title of WebMistress, yet people still quirk a brow when they hear it.

Webmistress Day stresses that this is a legitimate job title used by thousands of skilled professionals all over the world. The stigma associated with it must be lifted so that women can be recognized as a valid and important part of developing the digital world. Whenever you visit a website, you should stop and take a moment to figure out whether or not the person responsible for that site is a webmistress. You’d be surprised just how often your favorite sites will turn out to have been designed by one, and maybe that’s part of the problem.

It’s time to stop being surprised, and know that webmistresses are here to stay, once and for all.

How to Celebrate Webmistress Day

Get out there and start thanking those hardworking women who designed your favorite sites! When you find them send them a special note telling them how much you appreciate their work. When you get into work check and see who’s responsible for maintaining your companies site, chances are you’ll find out you’ve been working with a Webmistress the whole time. Webmistress Day is focused on making sure that everyone is more aware of their presence and their role. If you’re a webmistress then do something special for yourself today, after all, where would the internet be without you?