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National Tug of War Day (August 27th)



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Tug of war is a competitive sport that takes place around the world and has a long and ancient history. Some historical researchers think that the game dates back as far as 2500 BC when it was used by military commanders. Since that time, different cultures and people groups have played various versions of the game, whether just for fun or for more serious purposes like settling a property dispute. 

National Tug of War Day is here to show appreciation for this simple but exciting Game with a long History that is certainly worth celebrating!

History of National Tug of War Day

Tug of War is a fairly simple game that can be played almost anywhere, without much equipment to speak of, other than just a long and heavy rope. To play the game, two teams hold each end of the large rope and attempt to pull the other team towards them, over some sort of a line or boundary, in order to win.

In modern times, the game of Tug of War has been shown as a display of strength at various outdoor camps, sports competitions, community festivals, family reunions or other events. The game seems to be the most fun when the teams are evenly matched in strength and size.

To make a match even more interesting, Tug of War contests often take place over bodies of water or muddy areas so that the losing team suffers the indignity of falling in. And although this may seem harsh, it is likely preferable to the Viking version of tug-of-war when teams comPeted over a pit of fire. Now that’s a Game with some serious consequences!

The number of people taking part in a game of Tug of War can vary from just a few to a large crowd. In fact, the world record for a single tug-of-war stands at 1,574 participants. It is certainly not surprising that such a popular outdoor event has its own annual day, which is National Tug of War Day.

Cries of ‘heave’ are heard around the country on this day when numerous Tug of War matches are sure to take place, giving a chance for just about anyone, young and old, to take part or cheer on this timeless team game.

Those who are looking to celebrate the game of Tug of War on a larger and grander scale may be interested to find out that International Tug of War Day takes place in February. 

How to Celebrate National Tug of War Day

Get into the groove of celebrating National Tug of War Day with some of these delightful ideas:

Play Tug of War

Obviously, the most basic but fun way to observe National Tug of War Day is to grab a rope and a few people, and organize a competition. Whether it’s a group of seriously buff people from the gym or just a family affair, playing Tug of War on this day is compulsory! 

Learn Fun Facts About Tug of War

One of the most delightful ways to celebrate National Tug of War Day and raise awareness for it might be to learn and share some interesting facts about the game. Get started with some of these delightful bits of trivia:

  • For twenty years, Tug of War was an official sport that was played during the Olympic Games. From 1900 to 1920, this game was played using either five or six team members on each end of the rope.

  • By 1960 the Tug of War International Federation was founded, offering the game an official standing. The organization was popular and very quickly had members from at least seventy countries around the world.

  • In the 1908 Olympics, the British team accused the US team of cheating by using boot studs.

  • The use of the term “tug of war” in English was first recorded in 1677 where it referred to a Military battle.