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National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day (October 6th)



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For parents with daughters who have heard about National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day, this is the ideal day to delight them by sending a special treat. For daughters whose parents may not know about this day, perhaps a little birdie needs to inform them what this day is all about.

And those who don’t have daughters don’t have to be excluded either. This is a great day to transfer money to a granddaughter, friend or favorite niece! No matter who is involved, National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day is one that can bring lots of joy.

History of National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day

Since the dawn of time, parents have been helping their daughters. And in modern times, whether daughters are living as college students or as adults just getting started with their lives, moms and dads like to make sure their kids have what they need.

National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day is the perfect excuse to send your girl a little bit of money to pay some bills or to pamper herself. Whether transferring money to her bank account or choosing to make her feel loved in another way, this day can be one that inspires and encourages.

Founded by Zelle, National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day started out as a tongue-in-cheek way to get parents to send money to their daughters. The first instance was in 2017 and, likely with the support of daughters everywhere, it has grown far beyond Zelle into an international reason to celebrate!

Sending money to your daughter can sometimes be awkward if she’s an adult who is living life on her own. Whether a parent wants to help their daughter with a deposit for buying a new house or saving for college, this is the perfect excuse to do it without being super uncomfortable.

National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day Timeline


First ever wire transfer 

Completed by Western Union on the telegraph network, the service used passwords and code books to authorize transfers.[1]


First online banking service is launched 

Making banking as simple as the touch of a button, The United Kingdom blazes this trail and others quickly follow.[2]


PayPal gets its start 

Originally called Confinity, this service is founded on the premise of low-cost, low-effort digital payments. Eventually it also becomes a way to transfer money between individuals.[3]


The first National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day 

National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day is launched to remind parents to make sure their girls have everything they need!

How to Celebrate National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day

Of course, transferring money can (and should!) be done on this day, but a variety of other ways to observe National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day can be found. Try out some of these to get started:

Make a Money Transfer

Money can be transferred to just about anyone on National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day, even for people who don’t happen to have a daughter. Transfer money online using one of the convenient money transfer services, or it can be done simply and easily using an app directly from a smartphone.

Here are some of the popular money transfer services:

  • Zelle. Rumored to be the originator of this day, Zelle is particularly good to use when making bank-to-bank transfers. It is widely used at many banks and can even be used with domestic banks that don’t offer it as a service.
  • PayPal. One of the original services, PayPal is well-known, trustworthy, fast and secure. Its fees are sometimes a bit higher than other services, but it is widely accessible.
  • Venmo. This app is convenient, especially when needing to split the bill with a group of friends or coworkers. It’s a great way to move money instantly, though there are some fees.
  • Cash App. Previously called Square Cash, this app allows users to send money instantly for free when using the mobile app, making it especially great to send money to friends and family.

Give a Gift to Your Daughter

One fun thing to do on this day, of course, is to get creative with giving a gift to your daughter. While the most obvious idea is to transfer some money to her, certainly there are other options as well.

Show her your daughter you’re thinking of her by sending an electronic gift card for her favorite coffee shop, spa or clothing store. Or transfer a bit of money to her account to help boost her balance toward that trip abroad she has been saving for.

And, if all else fails, putting some cash in an envelope with a greeting card may be a bit old-fashioned, but it certainly still gets the job done!

Spend Time with Your Daughter

Even for those people whose daughters are financially set and would balk at receiving money, this day can still be a special one. What a perfect day to squeeze some time from busy schedules and spend time with your daughter!

Take her out to lunch at a favorite restaurant, go shopping, enjoy a day at the spa or even take a weekend away to enjoy extra time together. If your daughter lives far away, then a phone call or a video chat can be just the thing to feel a little closer and remind her that she is loved.

Set Up a New Bank Account for Your Daughter

Have a daughter who still lives with you and doesn’t yet have her own bank account? That’s okay! This is a great time to get started on that. Even for newborn babies, it’s never too early to open a bank account for a daughter (or son) that parents and grandparents can start putting money into. Just transferring a little money into it from each paycheck can add up over time and help get her started when its time.

Certain savings accounts for children can be tax protected if they are specifically set aside to save for college, so be sure to inquire when opening the account to make sure it is in the right category. One of the easiest ways to get started with a tax protected account in the USA is by using one of these types of accounts: a 529 Plan, a Coverdell IRA, or a Roth IRA. Any of these can be used for Education expenses up to a certain amount, so check with a financial advisor to get the important information about how to use them for kids.

National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day offers many opportunities to spread a little joy–to family members and beyond. So make the most of appreciating and celebrating your daughter, granddaughter, niece–or another loved one–today!

National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day FAQs

How to Transfer Money to Your Daughter?

Transferring money to your daughter can be done with a bank-to-bank transfer, through services like Venmo or Zelle, or by using a wire transfer service such as Western Union.[1]

Can I send money using a credit card?

Sure! Cash App (previously Square Cash), Venmo and PayPal are all set up to let you pay someone else–your daughter in this case–using a credit card.[2]

What is a remittance transfer provider?

For those with daughters living in another country, a remittance transfer provider helps individuals and Businesses transfer money to foreign countries.[3]

How to transfer money from one bank to another?

Use your bank’s website and choose the option to transfer to another bank, then type in the account and routing numbers for the other bank and make the transfer.[4]