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National Police Woman Day (September 12th)



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Show honor and respect to the women who choose to serve and protect their communities on National Police Woman Day!

History of National Police Woman Day

In the 1850s, the city of New York employed police matrons to guard and search prisoners who were females, but that was the extent of their duties, and they had no authority within law enforcement.

It is believed that the first female police officer in the United States was a woman named Marie Owens. Owens joined the police department in Chicago, Illinois in 1891, which was almost thirty years before women even earned the right to vote in the United States. She held the rank of Sergeant and was a specialist in enforcing child labor and welfare laws. 

1910 brought the appointment of Alice Wells, a police woman in Los Angeles. A college educated social worker, Wells developed as a pioneer in the movement toward creating a place for more women in the police forces across the United States.

The History of women in law enforcement has continued to grow over the past century. Often fighting against discrimination and oppression, women now hold a vital part in police forces all over the United States and other places in the world as well. Though the number of women in the US police has grown from 3% in the 1970s to at least 13% in recent years, there is still a long way to go for gender equality.

National Law Enforcement Day in January and National Police Week in the month of May present opportunities for police officers of all genders to be honored and given special attention. But National Police Woman Day is especially devoted to the women of law enforcement who are committed to their communities and risk their lives each day on the force. 

Created to celebrate and acknowledge the females who are in the police force, National Police Woman Day seeks to promote women’s role in law enforcement and encourage more women to join in on this noble career.

How to Celebrate National Police Woman Day

Enjoy and celebrate National Police Woman Day in a variety of ways that pays honor and respect to the women who serve and protect. Try out some of these ideas for the day:

Thank a Police Woman

Those who have a woman police officer in their lives can start by simply saying ‘thank you’. Take some time to tell them how much they are appreciated and that their efforts to serve their community are seen. Write them a card, get them a small gift or take them out to lunch to let them know what their protection and service means to the world.

Support Women in the Local Police Force

Raising awareness, participating in fundraisers and local events, and getting educated about the benefits of having women in law enforcement is a great way to be supportive on National Police Woman Day. Join in on an event, create one, or make a donation to show the women in law enforcement how much they are appreciated!