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National Play-Doh Day (September 16th)



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Play-Doh offers a delightful opportunity for anyone and everyone, whether an actual child or someone who is simply young at heart. The key factor of National Play-Doh Day is to celebrate this iconic modeling clay that has made a huge impact on several generations in the United States and all over the globe. 

History of National Play-Doh Day

Play-Doh was originally developed in the 1930’s, not as a toy but as a product to be used for cleaning wallpaper! It was not until the 1950’s that this product was re-evaluated and marketed as a toy to be used for children as a tool for creativity and artistry. Originally only available in white, Play-Doh was expanded to include the trademark vibrant colors of red, blue and yellow. Another change that was made was the tubs, which were originally sold by the gallon, were reduced to a more child-sized version of eleven ounces.

Fast forward to modern times and more than two billion tubs of this enchanting putty have now been sold. If all that Play-Doh was rolled into a giant ball, it would weigh as much as 2000 Statues of Liberty! At any given time, there can be up to sixty colors of Play-Doh in production and the range is now huge, including colors like Paradise Purple, silver, gold and even colors with sparkles or confetti. Some people like to keep the colors separate, but those who are being super creative with mixing may find that their Play Doh could end up the color of mud!

National Play-Doh Day was first celebrated in 2006 when it was initiated by Hasbro, the company behind this classic product. The day was first established in honor of the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the product. Now, the day is observed annually to show appreciation for the freedom, flexibility, and somewhat easy cleanup that comes when kids (and adults!) enjoy being artistic with Play-Doh.

It’s time to celebrate National Play-Doh Day by releasing that inner child, choosing some favorite colors and getting creative!

How to Celebrate National Play-Doh Day

Kids and adults can all have fun celebrating National Play-Doh Day with some of these delightful plans that can be easily implemented:

Play with Some Play-Doh

Obviously, the most important thing to do in celebration of National Play-Doh Day is to dig up some tubs of the pliable substance and start playing. Those who don’t have some at home can pick it up fairly cheaply at most stores that sell toys or art supplies.

Have fun molding, shaping, squishing and building with a variety of colors and shapes. Create balls, circles, snakes and swirls just by rolling it around in your hands. Or gather some tools from the kitchen or workshop, like cutting boards, rolling pins, cookie cutters, X-acto knives or spatulas to get even more creative with forming something beautiful and noteworthy from a little blob of clay.

Make Your Own Play-Doh

Although the Hasbro company is the one who branded National Play-Doh Day, that doesn’t mean that folks can’t celebrate by making their own version of the product. In fact, many people will find they can make their own version of this non-toxic, playful clay simply with ingredients they already have in their kitchens. It really only takes three ingredients: cornstarch (sometimes known as corn flour), baking soda and water. Of course, for colorful homemade Play-Doh, it’s fun to add a few drops of food coloring or perhaps some essential oils to make it smell great!

Host a National Play-Doh Day Gathering

Whether teachers and administrators want to make a big deal out of the day at school or a group of twenty-somethings want to invite friends over to get creative, National Play-Doh Day is a perfect time to get people together to enjoy making fun items out of modeling clay. At the end of the event, set up a display that can function as an art gallery for everyone to view and brag about their work!