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National Make Your Bed Day (September 11th)



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National Make Your Bed Day aims to make everyone aware of the benefits of making the bed every morning! Not to be confused with ‘Aww, Mom, Do I Have To?’ Day, which runs for 364 days in the year, this day is a delightful departure from complaining and encourages folks to enjoy making their beds! 

One of the easiest chores that can be accomplished, National Make Your Bed Day is filled with fun-filled ways to look at making the bed from a different perspective.

History of National Make Your Bed Day

The phrase “make your bed” probably began as early as times when a bed was nothing more than a simple mat on the floor. Tidying up the sleeping space would have been more crucial when families also used sleeping spaces as living spaces; the kid who didn’t make their bed caused the rest of the family to trip over it throughout the day! 

But even in more modernized cultures with separate bedrooms, the act of bed making can be filled with many benefits. It seems that getting into the habit of making your bed is a great boon to mental Health. Not only that, but having a tidy sleep environment, according to sleep researchers, makes for more restful sleep.

Plus, it could be assumed that starting the day with at least one ‘chore’ already done and dusted creates a more positive attitude and can help a person take the rest of the day’s challenges in stride! As the bed is the focal point of the bedroom, when it’s made, the whole room looks tidier, and becomes more relaxing and less stressful as a result.

How to Celebrate National Make Your Bed Day

While some people may think this day sounds like a chore–it’s not! Once people learn the benefits behind it, Make Your Bed can become a delightful day to celebrate. Try out these ideas for engaging in activities:

Do the Obvious: Make Your Bed

Rather than leaping out of bed and into the fray leaving behind a tangled mass of procrastination, use National Make Your Bed Day to start a new habit. It’s a tiny little thing that can make a big difference. Once it’s done, many people find that they are a bit more motivated to do something else and a chain reaction is started.

Learn the Benefits of Making Your Bed

In addition to just having a nicer place to live, making your bed can provide these benefits: 

  • Improved Sleep Quality. Sleeping in a calm, clean room helps with relaxation and promotes a better night of sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation (
  • Increased Productivity. Piggybacking on the idea that an object in motion stays in motion, when humans start one small thing, they tend to have more of an ability to do other things as well. On the other hand, plagued by inertia, people who do nothing tend to remain stagnant, unchanged, unmotivated and….unmade!
  • Reduced Stress. A clear link has been made between the way that living and working in an organized space can improve mental health. Fight against the chaos first thing in the morning by making up that bed.

Get Some New Bedding

Sometimes people don’t want to make their beds because they don’t really take pride in the color, design or beauty of their bedrooms. National Make Your Bed Day is the perfect excuse to get a new bedspread, comforter, pillow or blanket. Those who enjoy the way their bedrooms look will feel more at peace.

This can be accomplished by shopping online or popping over to the local home goods store to gain access to some beautiful Egyptian cotton sheets or a lovely down comforter that can fill a colorful duvet cover. Actually, comforters (or duvets) can inspire bed making because there’s no need for a top sheet or those pesky hospital corners! Just throw it over the bed, straighten it, and voila! The bed is made. 

Take advantage of National Make Your Bed Day to create a new habit–a small task that could impact your entire world!