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National Chicken Month (September 2023)



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Chicken is a staple food of many western countries, and often taken for granted. National Chicken Month aims to bring the humble chicken off the back-burner and into the spotlight, highlighting the versatility, value and importance of the original white meat!

History of National Chicken Month

The History of chickens is an age-old question and no one has been able to answer the question of which came first–the chicken or the egg? However, as far as National Chicken Month is concerned, it doesn’t really matter because chickens are here and that’s fantastic news that is worth celebrating!

Supported by the US National Chicken Council and the US Poultry & Egg Association, National Chicken Month is a time for people to appreciate and enjoy the fact that chicken provides nutritious and convenient meal options.

It’s time to celebrate National Chicken Month!

How to Celebrate National Chicken Month

National Chicken Month is a great time to appreciate all that chicken has to offer! Try these ideas for celebrating National Chicken Month:

Eat Some Chicken 

Whether cooking it at home or heading out to a restaurant, there should be no shortage of opportunities for enjoying a tasty plate full of chicken! In fact, chicken is used in cooking from almost all cultures, due to its versatility and accessibility. In fact, chicken could be used in different meals every day of the week, and dressed up so differently that many people wouldn’t even notice.

Try these ideas for chicken Recipes:

  • Fried Chicken. A standard favorite from the southern regions of the United States, frying chicken in oil with a breading is a crowd-pleaser. Serve with classics such as mac & cheese and cornbread, or fry a boneless breast that can be eaten as a sandwich.
  • Chicken Soup. A favorite the world over, chicken is often made into a broth using the bones and other less desirable pieces. Then the broth can be turned into a soup by adding all sorts of vegetables and herbs.
  • Chicken with Noodles. Many cultures have some variety of noodles, dumplings or pasta that can be served with chicken, often incorporating a sauce or gravy.
  • Roast Chicken. Not much could be easier than placing a whole chicken in a roasting pan and letting it bake for an hour or two. Baked or roasted chicken can be simply served as a main dish or used to make burritos, pizza, chicken salad, soups, sandwiches, casseroles and much more.

Learn Some Chicken Facts 

Share some fun facts about chickens with friends and family during National Chicken Month, such as:

  • A study made in 2003 estimated that more than 25 billion chickens exist the world over. That makes the chicken the most populous bird on earth.
  • The color of a hen’s eggs is determined by their breed–and most can be predicted by their earlobes. Chickens with brown lobes will lay brown eggs and those with white lobes will lay white eggs. One certain type of chicken (Ameraucana) produces blue eggs.
  • Chickens are believed to have originated in jungles of Southeast Asia, where they lived in the wild and probably laid only 10-15 eggs per year due to a lack of access to food and water.
  • It is believed that there are more than 500 different breeds of chickens throughout the world!