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National Boss/Employee Exchange Day (September 11th, 2023)



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Ever wondered what it would be like to switch places with the boss for the day? Just telling people what to do and sitting in a corner office? Or maybe the boss looks at the general workers and wishes for the simpler days when they didn’t have to make stressful decisions or manage a team of people who struggle to get along. 

In either case, this day offers a special, annual opportunity to see how the other half really lives. Because it is time for National Boss Employee Exchange Day!

History of National Boss Employee Exchange Day

Perhaps National Boss Employee Exchange Day sounds like the answer to almost every downtrodden wage slave’s prayers. Why? Because this is the day when workers and the bosses are given permission to simply swap roles. A day when bosses answer the phone, make the coffee (two sugars, please) and deal with that awkward customer. Workers, meanwhile, get to play Golf in the boardroom and take two hour lunches that are charged to the company’s Business account.

Practically speaking, however, when there are a large number of employees and only one boss, switching roles might be just a little more difficult. So, in this case, National Boss Employee Exchange Day might be less about doing one another’s job, and more about exchanging ideas. What could make the employee’s day easier? How can the team improve certain standards for the company? What can the boss do about his lamentable Golf swing? You get the idea.

Whatever the circumstances, National Boss Employee Exchange Day is the perfect time to build bridges and create pathways that allow for supervisors, managers and company owners to “walk in another man’s shoes” for a little while, and vice versa. Celebrated each year on the Monday that follows Labor Day, it’s amazing what compassion and empathy can be learned from such a day!

How to Celebrate National Boss Employee Exchange Day

Take advantage of every opportunity to learn from someone else by observing National Boss Employee Exchange Day. For ideas on how to celebrate, check out some of these:

Make a Boss-Employee Exchange Happen

Instead of just celebrating National Boss Employee Exchange Day on a whim, the most effective way to go about the observation of this day is with some careful planning and forethought. As a boss, implementing the day will be productive when conversations about the purpose of the day are held in advance.

When completing an exchange between supervisors and workers, be sure to stay in contact and communicate before, during and after the day (with a debrief), so that expectations are understood and can be met as closely as possible. Also, stay focused on learning, let go of fear, and have fun all throughout the process! The results will hopefully be something that can offer more empathy, understanding and a better work environment for everyone!

Leverage the Day for Potential Promotions

Employees who are interested in showing their managers that they are ready for a promotion might want to present the National Boss Employee Exchange Day idea to their company. It could be a super opportunity to really prove how well skilled an employee is, perhaps convincing the boss to create an opportunity to take on more responsibility or even get a promotion. It’s a great time to leverage the day and prove that worth at work!

Make a Pitch to the Boss

To celebrate, why not take the chance to make that pitch to the boss about some employee passion project, such as flexible working or child-friendly hours? Or perhaps there is another perk that would benefit a group of employees but the supervisor simply hasn’t considered or implemented. For at least just this one fine day, the boss can certainly think about it, and everyone else can hope to be heard and perhaps find amazing results.