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NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Captures Breathtaking Image of Mysterious Green Glow on Jupiter’s Surface




NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Captures Amazing Image of a Green Lightning Flash on Jupiter

(CNN) – Check out this eerie image of Jupiter captured by a NASA spacecraft!

A green light can be seen coming from an area near the planet’s North Pole.

Scientists believe it is a lightning strike that was photographed inside of Jupiter’s swirling vortex.

The largest planet in the solar system is known for its massive storms.

Unlike on Earth where lightning comes from water clouds, Jupiter’s strikes come from clouds that are a mixture of ammonia and water.

Another difference is the gas giant sees lightning hitting most frequently near the planet’s poles, while most of the lightning bolts on Earth occur near the equator.

In the coming months, Juno’s orbits will repeatedly take it close to Jupiter as the spacecraft passes over the giant planet’s night side, which will provide even more opportunities for Juno’s suite of Science instruments to catch lightning in the act,” said NASA.