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Mysterious humanoid being captured on CCTV – This video received a lot of discussion online.




A remarkable and strange video was uploaded to a Facebook user’s page. She uploaded the video along with a letter in which she stated that on a Sunday morning, when checking CCTV cameras, she discovered evil in one of them. On the internet, the video has received a lot of attention.

Evidently, many people believed that this was a hoax. The vast majority of Facebook users, however, have an entirely different perspective. The person who posted this video does not, in fact, appear to be a prankster or even a fan of the paranormal. Furthermore, their page is quite serious and old, making it hard to believe that it is a fake.

Even though the humanoid in the video is quite small, it’s inconceivable that a young man in disguise could move the way he does. But how is this possible? Possibly a being from another planet? If that’s the case, why was the incident only visible on one of the three cameras? Is there any chance it’s a ghost?

Once again, the question of whether this is all a joke has been raised, but it’s hard to believe that Vivian isn’t yet another teenager trying to fool us all. Again, there is no explanation for what happened.

Keep in mind that the video has over 10 million views. There is no doubt that netizens are confused…