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MultiVersus Players Have Gone More Than 4 Months Without A New Character




If you all forgot about MultiVersus, no one would blame you. Ever since grabbing the award for Best Fighting Game at last year's Game Awards, we've had pretty much nothing but radio silence and the odd cryptic tweet from director Tony Huynh that more content is on the way. The last time we got a new update of any real significance was back in November 21, when Marvin the Martian was added to the roster.

That means it's now been over four months since MultiVersus had a new character, which is actually a longer amount of time than the period between MultiVersus' launch and Marvin the Martian's addition. To say fans are desperate for any kind of communication from developer Player First Games or Huynh himself is an understatement. It's a little odd there's been such a lack of new characters considering how frequently they dropped closer to launch, and fans will be hoping another batch is dropping soon.


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There's no arguing that something needs to be done to inject a bit more life into a title many believe is already dead. MultiVersus' player count has dropped by 99 percent since launch, and fans are getting increasingly frustrated by not only the lack of updates, but also the lack of direct communication from Player First on what's taking so long. Hopefully, we'll see some kind of character announcement towards the end of Season 2, which was recently extended to March 31, much to the annoyance of those still playing.

As for who might be joining the roster, we've had a number of hints from both Tony Hunyh himself as well as dataminers. Marceline from Adventure Time, Samurai Jack, Pickle Rick, and the Joker have all been rumored to be coming soon, the latter two being tipped to be the Game's next additions. Whether or not these characters will be able to revive MultiVersus and bring back disgruntled players remains to be seen.

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