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MTG's March Of The Machine Boosters Will Include Legendary Creature Reprints




Magic: The Gathering’s March of the Machine is set to bring a wave of reprints of some of the Game's most exciting legendary creatures. According to the official announcement by Wizards of the Coast, a bonus sheet of reprinted legendary creatures is coming, complete with returning alt-art styles. The news will be especially exciting for Commander players who are going to be able to fine some of the Game's strongest potential commanders to build around.

So far, only two reprints have been revealed. Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer will be reprinted with the Kaladesh Inventions frame and Atraxa, Praetor's Voice will feature the Streets of New Capenna Art Deco frame. Worth noting is how this in fact represents the second time that Atraxa has had the New Capenna Art Deco frame, but this time around, the artwork is different from the Secret Lair version released a few months ago. Both will have regular, foil, foil-etched, halo-foil (which Wizards has said we will learn more about later), and serialized treatments.


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As for the number of cards that will be included in this bonus sheet, Wizards of the Coast has yet to reveal the complete list. The company did on the other hand confirm that the sheet won't be changing any of the cards' format legalities, similar to the Mystical Archive cards in Strixhaven and the Retro Artifact reprints in The Brothers War. This means that none of the cards will be available for use in the Standard format, but they will still be legal in other formats like Modern, Legacy, and Vintage. The reprints will additionally be legal in Arena's Historic-based formats.

Ragavan Atraxa March Bonus Sheet

The inclusion of Ragavan in this bonus sheet is already causing quite a stir among the MTG community. Despite being a relatively new card, Ragavan has already made a huge impact on multiple formats, even leading to a ban in Legacy. Ragavan is a one-drop creature that has the ability to generate Treasure tokens and deal damage to the opponent, making it a highly sought-after card for many players.

Atraxa on the other hand is a popular Commander card which has been around since the release of Commander 2016. Atraxa is a four-color creature which has the ability to proliferate, allowing players to add more counters to any permanent or player (which includes poison, a common theme of Atraxa decks). The inclusion of Atraxa's reprint with the New Capenna Art Deco frame is sure to excite fans and collectors.

This isn’t the first time that Wizards of the Coast has released bonus sheets of reprinted cards. The company has done this several times in the past, such as in the aforementioned Strixhaven and Brothers' War. These bonus sheets are a great way for MTG to keep the Game fresh by reintroducing popular cards from previous sets, and giving you a chance to find older, sometimes more valuable cards.

The announcement of the March of the Machine bonus sheet is great news for MTG players. The inclusion of reprinted legendary creatures with new artwork is sure to excite collectors and Commander players alike. While we don't yet know the complete list of cards that will be included in this bonus sheet, the fact that both Ragavan and Atraxa will be featured is already attracting a lot of attention. Whether these are the most powerful cards in the sheet, or just a taste of what's to come as more of the set is revealed, is anyone's guess.

Anticipation for the release of the March of the Machine boosters and the bonus sheet of reprinted legendary creatures will certainly continue to grow. With the impact that Ragavan has already had on multiple formats and Atraxa's popularity as a Commander card, these reprints are sure to make a splash, especially in Historic where they will be legal for the first time.

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