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MTG Head Designer Teases Fblthp And Borborygmos Team Up For March Of The Machine




Magic: the Gathering’s chief designer Mark Rosewater has released his customary "Duelist-style" teaser prior to the official start of Machine of the Machine’s previews. And one of those teasers might just foretell a team-up that

As usual, these teasers are often cryptic and unclear, providing dubiously useful information at best. For example, Rosewater told us there are "numerous cards that mechanically care about Phyrexians" in an expansion that’s dedicated to Phyrexia’s invasion of the multiverse. We probably could have guessed that one. But there are other teasers that provide tantalizing looks at what’s to come.


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For example, "A legendary creature returns not seen since Homelands" could mean we’re about to see the return of Soraya, Joven, or Chandler, and the tenth Sword of blank and blank is sure to be a bombshell card. There’s also a collection of creature types that look utterly bonkers, like Moonfolk Ninja, Fungus Rabbit, Raccoon Warrior, and Wolverine Dinosaur.

March of the Machine Key Art via Wizards of the Coast
March of the Machine Key Art by Billy Christian

But the Legendary creature types look truly astounding thanks to March of the Machine’s Team Up cards. An Elder Giant Dog or an Ape Dinosaur Turtle are fantastic on their own, but a Legendary Cyclops Homunculus has at least one fan thinking there’s going to be a team-up between two Ravinca personalities: Borborygmos the cyclops and Fblthp the homunculus.

However, I’d contend there’s a far more likely pairing than the hyper-aggressive Borborygmos and the perPetually lost Fblthp. Back in 2018’s Battlebond set, a Legendary cyclops and homunculus were printed with the Partner keyword called Eye of Chaos and Zndrsplt, Eye of Wisdom. I’d bet my bottom dollar that March of the Machine’s cyclops and homunculus team-up is going to be these two in a single card frame.

The Phyrexians don't sound like they're going to be strapped for creature types either. According to Rosewater, there's going to be a Phyrexian Bear Rhino, a Phyrexian Samurai, and a Phyrexian Dog Warrior. It's almost enough to get you to root for team Phyrexia.

Magic's March of the Machine arrives on April 21, with pre-release events starting on April 14.

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