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MTG Collector Issues $100,000 Bounty For The One Ring LOTR Card




Magic: The Gathering has been making waves with its crossover The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth, with famous figures from the beloved imagination of J. R.R. Tolkien including Frodo, Tom Bombadil and Gandalf getting turned into cards. But one particular card caught many eyes, drawing attention to itself as if by magic, glowing among the rest.

It was the One Ring card. In particular, the single serialized foil version which will be found in only one single collector's booster pack. Only one — yes, precious — just one of these cards will ever be printed, making it the rarest Magic card ever made. Accordingly, the fandom, of both MTG, and Lord of the Rings, have been going wild over this card (even if the darkness will bind them). Clearly, the card will be tough to find, but one Magic collector has already put out a bounty on the card.


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On the MagicTCG subreddit, someone shared a call-out for The One Ring. The individual is Dan Bock (not Mairon, Annatar, or Aulendil) and they issued their bounty in a private Facebook group, from which the OP shared a screenshot. "I'm putting out a standing offer of $100,000 for the serialized 001/001 card, or beating the highest reputable public offer", they wrote. "The one additional constraint is that to take me up on this offer, you can't tell anyone you opened it, or post about before selling it to me".

It's a high offer, and the first one of its kind, but more may be issued considering the rarity of the card. For regular Magic players, there will be a significant number of the non-serialised versions of the four-mana artifact in standard, borderless, promotional art backing, so the One Ring card will make it into Magic sets. But the single 001/001 foil card will be seriously coveted by collectors, and is perhaps a smart ploy from the card makers to drive up sales of booster packs as collectors search for rectangular gold.

The MTG x LOTR crossover will also see limited numbers of serialized cards based on the Rings of Power with the Elves represented by 300 foil serialized cards and 3,000 non-serialized, while the Dwarves get 700 foil serialized and 7,000 non. The humans meanwhile will get 900 foil serialized and 9,000 non-serialized.

Magic's Lord of the Rings crossover begins pre-release events June 16, with the tabletop release coming June 23. Perhaps this crossover will bring them all, as they search for the one.

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