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MTG Cheating Video Shows Why You Should Always Cut Your Opponent's Deck




In Magic: The Gathering, it’s customary to offer your deck to an opponent to “cut” in order to ensure no foul play. Cutting basically involves taking part of the top of your opponent’s deck and putting it on the bottom, thus preventing any possibility that they might have stacked their deck for a favorable draw. In low-stakes scenarios or against trusted players, you can show respect by tapping the deck to wave their offer to cut.

But you might want to think twice before tapping next time. A new video posted by an amateur Magic player shows why you should really cut your opponent’s deck every single time.

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The video comes courtesy of Steven Mayen, a Magic player in southern Ontario that tweeted a clip of another play caught cheating at a local event. The match was against two friends at a "$5 weekly," but even in an almost casual format, one of the players blatantly stacks their deck while the other remains oblivious. We only get to see it because someone on Twitch caught the cheat as the Game was being broadcast.

As you can see in the video above, Alex appears to be shuffling, but he's really going through his deck and selecting cards to place at the top. His shuffles never affect the top of his deck, so those cards are guaranteed to be in his opening hand. There’s no sleight of hand or any other sort of trickery, and it's easy to follow the footage once you know what you’re looking for.

According to Mayen, Alex would normally be enforcing the rules as a level one Magic judge. However, this incident has resulted in Alex being banned from the store that held the event and paperwork has been filed that could strip him of his position in tournament Magic.

Moral of the story: maybe think twice before you pass on cutting your opponent's deck. You never know when even a friend might try to pull a dirty trick.

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