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MTG Arena Bug Makes Citizen's Crowbar Blow Up Your Entire Board




This is a public service announcement: do not play Citizen’s Crowbar in Magic: The Gathering Arena. If you do, you’ll nuke your entire board, lands and all.

Normally, Citizen’s Crowbar is an excellent card. Essentially a Disenchant on a stick, Citizen’s Crowbar creates a 1/1 citizen token that becomes a 2/2 with the Crowbar attached. It also has the ability to tap and sacrifice itself to blow up an artifact or enchantment. Like a crowbar, it’s pretty handy.

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Except when you play it in MTG Arena. There’s a bug in the online version of Magic that will cause you to blow up every permanent you own if you ever activate the Crowbar’s sacrifice ability.

The news comes courtesy of Team Liquid’s Stephen Croke, who posted a video of the bug in action. Croke uses Citizen’s Crowbar to destroy a Pacifism affecting his citizen token, but when he does, his entire board blows up instead of just the Pacifism. Definitely not working as intended.

In fact, the bug doesn’t seem to be limited to Citizen’s Crowbar. Any artifact with a self-sacrifice ability will set off a catastrophic chain reaction that leads to the destruction of every permanent you own. Ninja’s Kunai will have the same disastrous effect as Citizen’s Crowbar, so don’t use it either.

Or, as Croke suggested, you could take advantage of the bug by using either Ninja’s Kunai or Citizen’s Crowbar alongside Mayhem Devil for a devilish win condition. Just get enough permanents on the board such that activating either artifact leads to a massive blast that takes out your opponent even as it nukes your board.

There might not be enough time to build an entire deck to take advantage of a bug that will surely be patched soon. It’d technically be cheating, so we can’t in good conScience recommend making the Crowbar Devil deck. Still, it would be pretty funny.

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