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MrBeast Fans Are Heading To Walmart To Fix His Feastables Displays




One of MrBeast's latest money-making ventures is a range of chocolate bars called Feastables. You may have seen them as they're available in Walmarts across the US. However, MrBeast is worried you might have walked right past as he's asked fans to help tidy up Feastable displays.

“Next time you see Feastables in Walmart (and soon-to-be new retailers) if you could clean up the presentation and make it look better that’d make me very happy,” the YouTuber tweeted. MrBeast shared an image of a rather scruffy-looking Feastables display next to one demonstrating how he'd like his candy to be displayed.

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MrBeast is a popular guy, so naturally quite a few people have already obliged. In fact, some of the replies showing they had aided the YouTuber in his quest to make Feastables more appealing suggest a few people were either already in a Walmart when they saw the tweet, or they had reorganized a display on MrBeast's behalf before he sent out the call and were finally given a reason to share their photo evidence.

MrBeast even followed up the tweet with a suggestion that fans pop a Feastable bar or two in front of some leading comPetitors. A joke, of course (I hope), and the aspiring Willy Wonka also confirmed he is assembling a team to sweep the US and professionally fix his displays. Some people have seen the call to arms and done the exact opposite, because of course they have, sharing images of previously pristine displays they've ruined.

One of the keys to MrBeast's success has been having a hand in just about everything he can reach. The streamer is naturally a big name in video Game circles, hence him getting his very own Fortnite skin to kick off chapter four. The skin was added as part of an event at the end of which MrBeast gave one lucky Fortnite player $1 million.

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