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Motorcycle Safety is a Two-way Street: RI Police Chiefs Association




On Friday, the Rhode Island Police Chiefs Association launched their “Motorcycle Safety is a Two-Way Street” campaign. The campaign follows four motorcycle traffic fatalities so far in 2024, and in 2023 there were 16 motorcycle deaths on Rhode Island roads. The campaign messaging will be seen on local media outlets – TV, radio, etc. and will include some messaging in Spanish.

The campaign notes that nationwide, motorcycles make up only 3% of all registered vehicles and less than 1% of all vehicle miles Traveled in the United States, yet motorcyclists accounted for 15% of all traffic fatalities and 4% of all injuries in 2022. 

“Keeping our roads safe is everyone’s responsibility and drivers need to be mindful of motorcycles,” said Colonel Bradford Connor, President of the Rhode Island Police Chiefs Association and Chief of Police for Warwick. “Our reminders are simple. Check your mirrors and blind spots, be careful when stopping and starting, share the road but don’t ever try to share a lane. These are all common-sense driver behaviors that are sometimes forgotten, but we hope that people will hear our message and that motorcyclists will be safer as a result.”

“[This ad] reminds drivers that motorcyclists have families and friends and that they also want to get home safely. Helmets and black leather are protective, but can be dehumanizing and our ad is a reminder that every rider is a person who is someone special,” added Connor.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a :30 TV and radio spot, “Motorcycle Safety is a Two-Way Street,” produced in collaboration with the Rhode Island Broadcasters Association. The campaign also includes paid digital advertising as well as Spanish language radio and digital advertising.

One of the ads, for television:

Radio spot:

#TwoWayStreet will be featured on the Association’s social media accounts this summer. Follow the Association, here:


Instagram: @ripolicechiefs

X: @ripolicechiefs

About the RI Police Chiefs Association:

The mission of our Association is to assist its members and all law enforcement officers in the State of Rhode Island with the administration of public safety, to promote harmony and trust between law enforcement and the public, to enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement in the State, to strengthen public confidence in the police profession and to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.

See member chiefs, here:

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