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Mortal Kombat Fans Really Don't Want Cole Young To Join The Roster




Mortal Kombat fans really don't want the protagonist of the 2021 movie, Cole Young, to be added to the roster of Mortal Kombat 12, even if that means they get to watch fatalities performed on him.

Now that we know with almost certainty that Mortal Kombat 12 is a thing thanks to a recent comment from Warner Bros. during an investors call, fans of the series are doing what they do best and putting together their dream roster. As different as many of these rosters and character picks are, there's one consensus the faNBAse agrees on - they don't want to see Cole Young as a playable fighter.

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Over on the Mortal Kombat subreddit, Redditor Comfortable_Horror30 shared a gif of Cole Young summoning his infamous plot armour, with the caption jokingly reading "Coming to Mortal Kombat 12". Mortal Kombat fans then took to the comments to discuss the possibility of Cole Young joining the roster, which was meant with almost unanimous hatred.

The top comment on the post reads, "It’d be funny if they added him to the Game but he dies in the beginning of the story campaign", which is already pretty telling on how the community feels about the character. Another great comment says, "Imagine the amount of fatality videos where Cole is the victim lol", while another Redditor hopes that he gets the "Mortal Kombat Annihilation Johnny Cage treatment". That's a lot of people wishing death on Cole, huh?

In fairness, there are a few fans defending the possibility of Cole's inclusion, but it's nowhere near a balanced argument here, as there are far more comments saying that they'd forgotten Cole's name than there are suggesting his armoured skin might make for a unique playstyle. It seems futile to argue against Cole too much, however, as CarterS20884 points out that "none of us want him and that’s why he’ll be base roaster lmao".

If these comments haven't made it clear already, Cole Young wasn't too fondly looked upon when he was introduced in the 2021 movie. Some of the criticisms made against him from fans include his literal plot armour, his lack much charisma, and how forced he was into the universe's canon. Combine that with

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