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Mortal Kombat Fans Are Discussing Whether The Kollector Was A "Flop"




Mortal Kombat fans are discussing whether Mortal Kombat 11's most controversial and forgettable character, the Kollector, was a "flop" or if he's an underappreciated fighter.

Earlier this week, Mortal Kombat 12 was seemingly accidentally confirmed during a Warner Bros. earnings call, finally putting to rest the long wait to find out what NetherRealm is working on. With that in mind, Mortal Kombat fans are already discussing some of the characters and features they want to see return in the next Game. There's one that no-one will be vouching for, though - The Kollector.

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For those who don't remember (and who can blame you), the Kollector was one of the last-revealed fighters for Mortal Kombat 11, and one that seemed a little out of place. While the rest of the fighters were either classic characters like Scorpion, related to them like Cassie Cage, or new ones with plot significance like Geras, the Kollector was just there and didn't even have a name.

Looking back, can we finally admit this character was a flop? Could've had Reptile, just saying.
by u/TERRAINH8TR in MortalKombat

Considering Mortal Kombat 11 was missing characters like Takeda, Kung Jin, and Reptile, Mortal Kombat fans weren't happy that the Kollector took up a slot and he quickly became one of the Game's least talked about fighters. Now that we know we're getting more Mortal Kombat this year, fans are debating the character's worth over on the Mortal Kombat subreddit.

Redditor TERRAINH8TR started the thread by asking if fans could finally admit that the character was a "flop" and pointing out that he took up a slot that would have been better filled by Reptile. Although these discussions usually get pretty split, most Mortal Kombat fans seem to agree on a few key points about the Kollector.

The top response on the post sums it up pretty nicely, with Redditor UndeadAxe noting that his story and design were both failures, but that he was a unique character to play as. This was backed up by another popular comment from Jako21530, who agreed that the Kollector wasn't great in those areas, but that he made up for it with a fun moveset.

Mortal Kombat - The Kollector Looking Up At The Camera

Although those comments being so popular seem to indicate that most agree with those points, there's a surprising number of Mortal Kombat fans jumping to the Kollector's defense which, as a Kollector hater myself, isn't something I expected to see. One of the most up-voted comments in the whole discussion comes from Redditor Santana_in_left, who said, "I swear you guys won't be happy until they just recreate the MK3 roster and never introduce new characters again". Insert side-eye monkey meme here, I guess.

One thing is clear though - most fans think that the Kollector won't be returning. Several comments claim that he's clearly a "one-and-done" deal and that a comeback isn't likely, with one Redditor pointing out that NetherRealm had issues with mo-capping the character thanks to his six arms, which would make a return even less likely.

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