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Mortal Kombat 11 Fans Discover Hidden Voice Line Four Years After Launch




Mortal Kombat 11 will be four years old in April, and fans are still making new discoveries. The latest is one that was teased by NetherRealm Studios senior designer Aaron Davis back in 2020, three years ago, and as it turns out, he was hinting at a hidden voice line.

"For people who like hidden stuff in MK Games, there's something in MK11 I put in that hasn't been found yet from what I can tell," Davis tweeted (as reported by EuroGamer). "Only hint I'll give is it's done inside a match and it's been there since day 1, so not DLC related."

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YouTuber Waz, on February 19, revealed that, after four years, the mystery had finally been cracked, and it's an old-school style easter egg. When Erron Black beats an opponent, he flips a coin before sliding it into his pocket. However, if you hold the up arrow on the D-pad, he will instead throw it at his enemy. And sometimes, after throwing, he'll say "Keep the change."


Waz then reached out to Davis to verify if the easter egg he had discovered was indeed the one that was teased back in 2020, to which Davis publicly tweeted, "A well known community member just DMed me they have discovered this secret. I'll retweet them when they post it. It is an Easter Egg: a special Erron Black animation you can perform in a certain situation."

True to his word, Davis retweeted Waz's clip, verifying that the long-kept Mortal Kombat 11 mystery has been solved - now we just have to wait for Mortal Kombat 12 to get the ball rolling on another half-a-decade-long hidden easter egg.

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