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Morrowind Mod Removes Morrowind




Someone going by the name of CaffeineSnake on NexusMods recently took the bold step of removing the main location from Morrowind, Vvardenfell. As you might expect, this leaves nothing in the Game world but open ocean, apart of course from Solstheim if you have the Bloodmoon expansion. When it comes to their motivation, CaffeineSnake simply stated "Vvardenfell removed because y'all can't behave."

The mod in question, Morrowind Removed, was initially seen as a joke, but some players have been curious enough to try out the mod for themselves, most notably the YouTuber Micky D who commented about the experience on Twitter. Attempting to use the mod with the original Game has resulted in error messages which prevented quite a few players from launching the Game, but the problem can apparently be solved by using the OpenMW source port. (Thanks, PC Gamer).

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The mod has sparked a lot of discussion within the gaming community, players expressing their surprise and amusement at the concept of a Game with no Game world. Some have praised the mod for its creativity and unique take on the practice of modding, while others have criticized Morrowind Removed for being a little bit too extreme in this regard. The majority of commenters have been describing the experience of swimming in the open ocean as eerie and isolating, but ultimately satisfying.

The mod raises questions about the nature of Game design and the role of a Game world in creating a cohesive and immersive experience. While some would argue that removing Vvardenfell fundamentally alters the mechanics and eliminates what made Morrowind such a unique and beloved Game, others would surely note how the mod allows you to see the Game in a completely different way.

Regardless of your opinion about the mod, Morrowind Removed has clearly sparked a lot of interest and discussion within the community, building a unique and thought provoking experience in the process. What modders might have in store for Morrowind going forward remains to be seen.

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