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More Silent Hill Remakes Could Be Coming From Bloober Team




More Silent Hill remakes could be on the way from Bloober Team, as its CEO, Piotr Babieno, has confirmed that Konami is interested in having conversations with the studio about it.

When a Silent Hill 2 remake was revealed to be in the works from The Medium developer Bloober Team, it was a pretty split reaction. On the one hand, many were just excited to see Silent Hill return at all, but on the other, a lot of Silent Hill fans were worried that Bloober Team might not be the best fit for the series as its previous work was very different from what Silent Hill offered. If you're on that side of the fence, we might have some bad news for you, as it seems that Konami is interested in more remakes from the studio.

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IGN recently spoke to Bloober Team's CEO, Piotr Babieno, at DICE Summit 2023 about the studio's work on the Silent Hill 2 remake and what it might be working on next as it enters its next "phase" as a horror developer. During the interview, IGN asks Babieno if Bloober is going to be working on more Silent Hill Games in the future.


Babieno replies by saying that Konami is "interested in conversations with Bloober" and that even though the team's attention is fully on Silent hill 2 right now, he's "not going to say never". This is far from a confirmation that Bloober is going to be in charge of more Silent Hill Games in the future, but it does suggest that Konami is interested in the possibility.

Interestingly, Babieno also goes to defend Konami during the interview, saying, "And I do understand that people are a little bit angry at Konami for the stuff which happened in the past, but I would like to say, give them the time, because they do know what they are doing". This appears to be in reference to the studio's lack of any new releases in the past generation, but it is a little pointed considering the middling reception to Bloober Team being in charge of the Silent Hill 2 remake.

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