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Miyamoto Says He Is "Always" Working On Mario, But Doesn't Commit To A New Game




It's looking like it's going to be a pretty big year for Mario and the rest of his crew. Not only is Super Nintendo World coming to more and more countries around the globe, we also have the Mario movie to look forward to which releases in April for most people. You'd think with all that attention on the Italian plumber, Nintendo would be a fool to not capitalize on all the hype with a brand new 3D Mario Game.

While there have been plenty of spin-offs released over the past few years, the last proper Mario Game we got was Super Mario Odyssey which launched back in 2017. Six years later, it feels like the time is right for a new one, although Nintendo's very own Shigeru Miyamoto kept pretty tight-lipped about the possibility when asked in a recent interview with IGN.


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Speaking about the difficulties and challenges that come with setting up a series of theme parks, Miyamoto was asked why a new Game hasn't been lined up to release alongside the movie. While he didn't outright commit to a new Game being announced soon, he did state that Nintendo is "always" working on Mario, adding that "when we get to a time where we can share information, we'll certainly do so.”

Mario in the feild with his mouth open in Surprise

This probably won't be a surprise to many of you, considering it's been six years since the last Mario Game and it's not like the plumber has retired from active duty. However, it's a rare instance of a Nintendo bigwig being asked whether one is actually being developed, and Miyamoto hasn't exactly said there's no chance of one being released this year.

Nintendo is having a fairly strong first half of the year, especially with the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in May, but the company's lineup in the second half of the year is looking pretty slim. Because of this, we can assume Nintendo has some kind of event planned for later in the year where we could see a new Mario announced, but we know it's not going to be at E3 as reports have claimed that none of the big three will be attending this year.

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