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Minecraft Teases Another Ocean Update




Way back in 2018, Minecraft received its Update Aquatic, a massive update that totally revamped the underwater biomes with new blocks, new mobs, and new structures. Today, Mojang has just teased what could be another revamp for Minecraft's undersea world.

There's not much to the teaser. It's mostly just Alex on a stone block staring out into the deep blue ocean. "There's more out there to discover coming soon..." reads the caption, without discussing what those discoveries could be.

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But we do have a pretty big clue. Alex is holding the new brush tool that was added in the recent Trails and Tails update. The brush tool is part of the new archeology mechanic that lets you dig up Suspicious Sand blocks, dust them off, and unearth Mysterious artifacts of long-lost civilizations. You could also get other loot like sticks or emeralds, but you're really after the pottery. Get enough pottery shards, and you'll recreate a decorative pot to add to your home.


Suspicious Sand is only found near desert ruins, so it seems safe to assume whatever update Mojang has planned will add a similar Suspicious block to underwater ruins. Whether we'll just get pottery shards or some other loot is unclear.

The Trails and Tails update added a whole lot more than just archeology. Minecraft also got cherry blossoms, decorative armor trims, and the long-awaited Sniffer mob. There are also custom signage, bookshelves, and cranky camels to take you from one desert ruin to the next. A lot of it seems sort of unrelated, leading some Minecraft fans to call it the "random stuff update."

One more thing added in the most receive update is the new display entity command that lets you create interesting visual effects in Minecraft's sky. One such effect can make an oddly straight rainbow, but it'll take a few lines of code and a resource pack to recreate.

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