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Minecraft Steve Is Finally Being Banned From Competitive Smash Bros.




Last month, a group of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players got together to create the be-all-end-all tier list. UltRank reached out to 71 pro Ultimate players from the top 100 leaderboards around the globe and asked them to rank Ultimate's characters and provide a top-five list. They revealed Steve, Pyra & Mythra, and Joker as the best characters in the Game, with Steve being the top pick from 41 of 71 pro players (in case you were wondering, Little Mac and Ganondorf were both at the bottom of the pack).

What makes Minecraft Steve so great? Well, he's got fantastic combo potential, plenty of ranged attacks, and highly mobile recoveries, but a glitch puts Steve head and shoulders above the rest. As noted by Kotaku, Steve can perform an exploit that lets him recover from moves before his opponent's attack animation has even finished, allowing him to retaliate where other Smash Ultimate characters would just have to take the lumps.

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You can see plenty of examples in videos posted online. Juan Manuel "Hungrybox" DeBiedma, a pro player, tournament organizer, and winner of the EVO 2016 category for Smash Melee (and one of the Five Gods) provided a detailed explanation in a video posted to his channel for why Steve was being banned from his Coinbox series of tournaments. Hungrybox also called on other tournament organizers to do the same.

And it looks like they are. A state-wide map of the US provided by Ultimate player and data analyst Bernard's Loop reveals several state tournament organizers have already banned Steve, including Kansas, Missouri, and Tennessee. Steve has been mostly banned from North Carolina tournaments and has received subregional bans in Florida, Iowa, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and California.

But if this is all due to a glitch, then can't Nintendo just release a patch for Steve? Sure, but Nintendo famously stated that its last Smash Ultimate update came out in December 2021 and the Game will be unsupported going forward. This left tournament organizers in a tough position: do they allow Steve but consequently require every Steve player to submit recordings of their fights to confirm that they didn't use the glitch, or do they just ban Steve outright? Many are choosing to ban Steve in order to save resources and simply keep a more level playing field.

I know one thing for sure: Steve is definitely banned from my living room.

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