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Minecraft Fan Ruins Leather For Everyone, Reveals It Looks Like Naked Hedgehog




Very few of us have seen an actual tanned hide, so it’s a little off-putting to see the skin of an animal hide laid out the way it is in Minecraft. Mojang could have just drawn leather strips or a darkened folded rectangle to represent a more processed stage of the leather-making process, but no, we get a whole-ass hide for the leather block.

And because Mojang hasn't revisited that decision in all of Minecraft's History, we can now see the similarity between a half-naked hedgehog splayed out on a table and the Minecraft leather block.

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Reddit user Limp_Manufacturer787 wrote, "My girlfriend has forever tainted leather for me." She did that by showing a picture of a hedgehog being x-rayed, which bears a striking resemblance to Minecraft’s leather.

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Just so you don’t think that hedgehog is in any discomfort, veterinarians have to anesthetize hedgehogs (and most small critters, for that matter) in order to give them x-rays, and in order to keep their itty bitty paws from squirming around in their sleep, they have to tape them to the table. This hedgehog is receiving medical care, not being sacrificed to some techno demon.

Unfortunately, the hedgehog being x-rayed is either very young or has some sort of condition that makes its underbelly almost furless and very pink--almost the same shade of color Mojang uses for leather blocks, but definitely the same pose. Now you'll never look at a Minecraft leather block without imagining a (half) naked hedgehog being x-rayed. You're welcome.

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