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Microsoft Won't Fix Red Dead Redemption 2 After Windows 11 Update Breaks It




If you didn't know, Red Dead Redemption 2 is one popular Game. One of the most popular ever, really. Rockstar Games' cowboy sim has sold in the multiple tens of millions of copies on consoles and PC, and regularly charts on Steam lists. But the Game recently suffered a snag on PC.

As Neowin reports (via TechRadar), Red Dead Redemption 2 players were left bereft when Microsoft introduced a bug in Windows 11 with the KB5023774 update that meant the Game could no longer launch. As one of the standout Games on PC, players were understandably not pleased about this, especially when it seems Microsoft isn't doing much to fix the problem.

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In fact, Microsoft appears to have given up attempting to resolve the issue for those users on Windows 11 21H2. On a web page with details on the issues with the update, Microsoft simply suggests users should instead "upgrade to Windows 11, version 22H2" to mitigate the issue.

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Those who do upgrade to Windows 11 22H2 are able to get Red Dead Redemption 2 up and running again, thereby fixing the issue, but it does mean those who are still on version 21H2, and who perhaps wish to remain there, are left with few options. Of course the latest version of Windows 11 is always recommended, there are valid reasons why some users may want to stick with an older version. This could be something as simple but important as wanting to keep a stable platform as installing a major update can lead to things breaking.

However, it's also true that this bug only appears to affect Red Dead Redemption 2. Launching the title with Rockstar Games Launcher, and clicking Play, will make the Game load but not more beyond that. If enough players simply upgrade to 22H2 there will be little incentive for Microsoft to fix the bug associated with 21H2. The software giant and Xbox owner has said that "Microsoft and Rockstar Games are investigating and will provide more information when it is available" but who knows if this issue will be actually be fixed. For now, Microsoft is happy for users just to upgrade.

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