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Metroid Fans Are Trying To Figure Out How Samus Actually Fits In Her Suit




There's no doubt that Samus Aran's suit is not only one of the most iconic bits of kit in the Metroid series, but in gaming as a whole. It's easy to see why too, as the massive shoulders, green visor, and giant cannon work together to make up an instantly recognisable yet intimidating suit. However, the recent Metroid resurgence has fans questioning how Samus actually manages to pilot her suit when you compare Samus as a person and the size of her suit.

First posted to the Metroid subreddit with the tagline "unrealistic female body types in videoGames" (thanks Destructoid), u/mqee shares a number of images that showcase the absurdity of a woman Samus' size actually fitting into her suit like a normal human being. They all question how Samus manages to fit her arms into the suit without detaching them from the shoulder, as most of Samus' suits over the years feature shoulders so broad that you could eat your dinner off of them.


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The prevailing theory is pretty much just magic. One user called u/South2012 reckons that Samus' suit modifies her body while she wears it through the power of Science, claiming that it's specifically designed to keep her safe in hostile environments. While not confirmed, that would also explain how Samus is able to transform into the Morph Ball without being crushed into a perfect sphere. There's also a quote from Metroid Fusion brought up by u/Thotaz which adds to this theory, which tells us that Samus' suit can't be removed while she's unconscious.

Another theory (and my favorite) is that Samus is actually "T-rexing it". What with the suit's shoulders being too broad for a normal person, u/somenamelessghoul reckons that she has a special controller that's lodged in the suit's chest which she uses to control her suit's arms. I personally hope that this is the case, though the fact certain X-rays throughout the series that show bones in Samus' arms means it's a long shot. We'll have to go with boring magic instead.

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