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"Mega" Fortnite Season Revealed With Futuristic Japanese Theme




The second season of Fortnite's fourth chapter begins in just three days, but so far Epic has revealed absolutely nothing regarding what to expect from it. No fear as the Game's dedicated dataminers have discovered a lot of what's to come, seemingly confirming the next season will be called Mega and give certain parts of Fortnite's island a futuristic, neo-Tokyo makeover.

According to the leak, shared by Hypex, the official hashtag for Chapter 4 Season 2 will be #FortniteMEGA. That goes hand-in-hand with the proposed name for the next stage in Fortnite's story, and apparently the word Mega has been spelled using Japanese characters. One of the reasons why the Game's community believes the incoming season's theme will be a neo-Tokyo-inspired one.

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As for what that might look like in-Game, Hypex asks you to cast your minds all the way back to Chapter 1 Season 9. Easier said than done, especially if you hadn't hopped on the Fortnite bandwagon by that point. A season during which the island was dotted with Slipstreams allowing you to effectively fly from place to place, provided those places were on the pre-determined path.

Hypex has also shared images discovered in Fortnite's files, one of which appears to show a building made of white lights on a dark background. It has also been clarified that while Mega will likely be the season's name, neo-Tokyo and the elements that come with it will be its theme. Theories on what exactly that will introduce to the island have already been shared, with some of you hopeful the Mega Mall POI will return. Maybe a little on the nose, but you never know.

The leaked information has furthered the belief that season two will include an Attack on Titan crossover. Probably a welcome reveal if it does happen as the first season of chapter four has ended with a whimper when it comes to collaborations. Both pages of Fortnite's Witcher quests are now available to complete, but many of you have been left disappointed at how similar the alternate skin is compared to the base one. Season two will begin on March 9.

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